Parquet Floor Cleaning

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What is parquet flooring? Parquet flooring is a type of flooring created from strips or blocks of wood that form a pattern. So, when cleaning a parquet floors you would use the same process as cleaning hardwood floors.

As with hardwood floors, the best method for care is to provide preventative maintenance. There are several things you can do to assist you in making the cleaning process easier. Parquet or wood floors should be swept often. Dirt, sand and outside debris can easily scratch any type of wood flooring. Keeping the debris off of your wood floors is one of the best ways to maintain the newness to your parquet floors.

Along with daily sweeping or dry dust mopping you will want to use carpet rugs to trap the dirt and debris. Placing carpet rugs at all entrances to your home will assist in trapping debris as it is brought in on shoes. It is important that you also vacuum the carpet rugs to pull out the dirt and debris as often as possible. Placing carpet rugs in high traffic or high use areas around your home will also help in protecting your parquet flooring.

Unlike laminates your parquet floors do not come with the added finish coating. It is up to you to provide that shiny surface. An easy way to do that is to use a cleaner and polisher in one. Using a cleaning product that combines cleaning and polishing in one, cuts the job in half. This allows you more time to admire your beautiful parquet floors, than cleaning them.

It is important to use the proper instrument when cleaning and polishing your parquet floor. It is recommended that you use an instrument with a flat surface, and a soft cloth or terry cloth. This cloth makes shining your wood floors easy as can be.

It is important that you not use water to clean your parquet floors. These floors are wood, and water will damage them. It is also important to clean up any water as soon as it is spilled. Never use any products that contain wax on your parquet floors. Remember they are wood floors and should be treated like all other wood floors. It is also important that you take steps in protecting your parquet floors. You should not wear high heals on a parquet floor as they could dent them. It is also important that your pet's nails are kept clipped so they do not scratch the wood. Never drag furniture across a wood floor, either lift the furniture, or place a small carpet rug under the legs to slide the furniture across the floor. It is also recommended to place wood protector covers under the legs of all furniture.

Taking care of your parquet floors can and will be an easy project as long as you provide preventative maintenance and a cleaning routine that is consistent.