The Hazards Of Household Cleaning Products

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Household cleaning products, to a certain extent are very harmful to its user. Most of them contain harmful chemicals which adversely affects ones health. Most of the time we are unaware of the fact that these chemicals are present. Many products that actually appear harmless may engage the use of some harmful products.  Detergents, household cleaners, paints, garden pesticides, batteries, in fact even flea powders can be dangerous to our health and the surrounding environment.

Degreasers, detergents, various stain removers and pesticides have tuned our homes into small chemical factories. The use of these chemical are dangerous for you and the environment and when they are disposed they tend to contaminate the surrounding water bodies. In case these chemicals are ingested, inhaled or absorbed into the skin, they can cause severe repercussions.

Toxic chemicals that are present in cleaning products cause various illnesses such as burning of eyes, liver and kidney failure and fatigue. In severe cases they can even cause cancer. The most common effect on exposure to these chemicals is skin rashes or allergies. The skin is very sensitive and thus only a little exposure is required to cause some irritation.  

One of the largest culprits in water pollution is the common laundry detergent and cleaning products. An average human being nationwide, uses around 30 odd pounds of laundry detergent every year. These detergents contain high amounts of phosphates which are very hazardous to health. They can kill rivers, oceans and streams as a result of algae blooms. The algae slimes are  enough to stiffle the underwater marine life and has been swelling all over the world, mainly in the bays of costal regions. They are mainly caused by pollutants that are known as nutrients in human sewage.

The marine experts refer to this type of water pollution a slow, slient global epidemic which if continues will lead to the destruction of some of the most scenic and commercially valuable waters of America.

Most of us are likely to think that anything that is sold in the supermarkets is safe and not harmful. What we don''t realize is that, the labelling do not give the complete details of the products and the extent of chemicals that are used. Most of the common cleaning goods that we use are grouped as hazardous wastes. Rather than disposing them into the trash it is better to take it to the country's hazard waste collection.

There are two harmful sides to this matter, that is, it affects our environment as well as it is injurious to the health and safety of children. The worst thing about this is that the pollution levels inside the household are higher than that outside. Housewives are at a 55% risk of being prone to cancer than women who work outside. This is mainly in case of products that are used daily.

Everyday there are thousands of reports of household poisoning and many of the cases result in fatal incidences. As per poison control, detergents that are used for washing account for more unintentional poisoning than another household substance. In this it is necessary to keep in mind all these hazards and in the best way try to use alternative non-toxic products.