How to Clean a Laptop

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Can you imagine an office without computers? Next to impossible, isn't it? Computers are such a critical part of our office operations we spend time and money on cleaning and maintenance to ensure that they are always up and running. But what about the laptop-the most personal form of computer work you do? It works in the oddest of environments and is subject to exposure to the elements on a daily basis. While office cleaning services will clean your laptop for you, there are some things you can do to make sure the dirt accumulation is not so great as to endanger the functioning of the laptop:
- Open the laptop, hold it with the keyboard facing down and gently tap on the base. This will loosen any dirt stuck between the keys and will allow it to fall away.
- If you have a vacuum cleaner available, run it over the key board to suck up any dirt left behind.
- Open the CD /DVD tray and use the vacuum to cleanup any dirt there. Be careful not to touch the lens that covers the laser as you could easily scratch and damage it.
- If the outer case is dirty, use a mild cleaning liquid to dampen a cloth and wipe the body of the laptop clean. Never spray anything directly on to the body - the liquid could get in the laptop and damage it.
- To clean the screen uses a soft cloth very slightly dampened with plain water and wipe the surface gently. Make sure no water collects on the screen surface.
Office cleaning services know the operating conditions of the computers in the office, but not of your laptop. They won't know if you've used it in the tube or on a London bus and exposed it to a great deal of atmospheric pollution. A regular weekly cleaning of your laptop will keep it in good condition. When the office cleaning services come in and clean you laptop they will not have to deal with a large amount of dirt accumulation and so the cleaning they do will be far more effective than if they were dealing with a laptop that was exposed to adverse operating conditions but never cleaned.
It's all very well to say that laptops are built to withstand tough use. But regular cleaning will reduce the chances of anything going seriously wrong with it and leaving you stranded with all your data lost.