Cleaning up after a Party

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It's been a long night and you've been the perfect host. All your guests enjoyed themselves and you have lived up to your reputation of being the perfect party giver. After the last guest leaves, you are left, as usual, surveying the scene of the party that now looks like a hurricane had swept through the room. You have a few choices in your course of action:
- Pretend there is no mess and go off to sleep - you can think about cleaning up in the morning
- Gird your loins and get started on cleaning up right away so that even if you manage only an hour's sleep you wake up to a clean house.
- Relax and have a nightcap knowing that you have already booked professional house cleaners company to do your post party clean up.
The first option is what most of us go in for and when we wake in the morning and see the mess that has to be cleaned up, we curse ourselves and promise never to have another party again - until the next time!
The second option requires both enormous amounts of energy and will power, most often beyond the abilities of most of us.
The last option is, of course the best one and London has many house cleaners that offer domestic cleaning services and can undertake all your post party clean up work. Next time you plan on having a party, arrange for professional house cleaners to come in the next morning and do the post party clean up. Book the agency as soon as you decide on the party date, the best cleaning services are often booked well in advance. And don't forget to add the post party clean up costs to your party budget.
While you can leave most of the cleanup to the house cleaners, there are a few things you need to do to prevent any serious damage to your furnishings happening before the house cleaners arrive: 
- Check for smoldering cigarette stubs that could scorch your furniture
- Mop up any spilled drinks - the alcohol can act as a thinner and remove the polish from wooden surfaces
- Mop up any vomit that may be on the carpet. The house cleaners will do this, but the longer you leave it on the fabric, the more chance there is of the acidity in the vomit damaging the carpet material or affecting the colouring.