Cleaning Suede Upholstery

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Suede upholstery not only looks great, it is extremely soft and comfortable. This is why suede is such a popular upholstery material. However, it is more delicate than normal leather and requires special care to keep it looking good for years.
Even if you have a domestic cleaning agency coming in to clean your house and your upholstery regularly, keep in mind that suede absorbs liquids and other kinds of stains more the normal leather and if you get a stain on suede, its best to clean it up immediately before it gets ingrained in the material, rather than waiting for the domestic cleaning agency to come and clean it - it may be too late by them.
- Any spill should be blotted with a clean white cloth or paper towel. Never rub the stain as this will push it deeper into the fabric.
- Do not use any cleaning fluids or sprays that are not specifically designed for use on suede. They could damage the finish of the material.
- You can try removing small spots or stains by using a clean art gum eraser to rub the stain away. But never rub too hard and if the eraser does not seem to be having any effect, stop immediately.
- It is advisable not to try to remove major stains or spills from suede yourself, you could do more harm than good. It's safer to call in your domestic cleaning agency for a special job or a profession leather cleaning expert to do the job.
- Never try and scrape away any coagulated dirt from suede. You could scrape off the nap along with the dirt.
Besides stain removal, regular brushing of the suede will increase its life. Here are 4 easy steps for doing this:
1. Use a soft napping brush and suede (or Nubuck) cleaning cloths that are available from furniture shops to brush away dirt. Do not over brush or rub any one area. A good brushing once a week should be fine.
2. Move the brush and cloth in different direction so as to clean all sides of the nap and ensure that dirt is not being forced into one side.
3. After brushing the suede, run a clean dry sponge over the surface to give the nap an even look.
4. Ask your domestic cleaning agency to recommend a good water proofing agent to keep the suede clean between the periodic cleanings.